Wednesday, 2 April 2008

3 Hour Challenge Number 3 - Feck Support

So, here is the last 3 hour challenge that we've done. A bit of a longer one and a bit more ambitious with some of the shots, but we kind of ran out of time, so the colour matching is a bit off in places, the sound levels jump a bit and we could have done with a bit more edit time, but hey, we've got a little film done.

This one can be found at YouTube:

Any comments (unless exceeding offensive!) most welcome.

This was shot using 2 cameras and in HDV. One camera was used solely for the hand held shots and the other smaller beastie for the "in fridge", "in oven" and fixed shots. I don't know the specs off the top of my head (they're Rob's cameras), so hopefully Rob can fill in these details when he sees this post!

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

3 Hour Challenge Number 2

Ok, so a bit sillier than the last 3 hour challenge and this time the outcome wasn't as satisfying, but it was fun to do. We came up with the idea of playing with some images of the moon and filming in from outside to a scene happening within. We were then looking for a punchline, but it didn't quite work as planned, still, it was a good 3 hours.

Rich: I think given another go at the edit, I might remove the raspy voice over and the visual filters and end with a close up of the "explosion" (removing the shout and the spin round of the "actor"). Just an idea to try.

Anyway, here it is: