Thursday, 20 March 2008

The 3 hour challenge

Been a while since I posted anything. Been really busy and then ill.
Anyway, a few weeks ago (or was it a few months? I'm losing track of time), Rob and I decided to set ourself the 3 hour challenge. What's the 3 hour challenge I hear you ask (or not). Basically, we gave ourselves an evening to create a completed(ish) short film from scratch.
It was a bit tight on time but we did it, so here it is (hopefully) for your amusement.
I'm the "actor" this time and Rob is behind the camera. We have done a couple of others since, but I don't have them ready to post. I'll do it when I can. Also, may be give a bit more of a description of how it all happened, if anyone is interested (if not, I won't bother, please let me know)

Anyway, here it is (warts and all)


As always, Harry said...

My gut feeling is that it was, but did you guys do the pre and post production work within that 3 hour constraint or was it merely the production aspect?

Richard said...

Your gut feel was right. We did it all in that time. As you can imagine it was all done pretty much on the fly, with no planning and just trying to get enough coverage to make sure we can an interesting (or at least not have too many holes) edit that holds together!

As always, Harry said...

good digs